First place at the Grand Prix of Event Hospitality 2012/2013

About 15 000 event decision-makers, trainers and educators were asked to choose the best of 200 “select wellness event hotels” (from Germany, Austria and Switzerland).  Twelve experienced authors in the hospitality field were on the job, whose task was not only to verify the comfort criteria, but also to write a description of the buildings they visited. Writing about Der Blaue Reiter Hotel, author Heidi Tiefenthaler from Top Hotel magazine gushed, “Here, an art-inspired family has created a house which is wonderful to behold and so very comfortable to stay in.”

Without you, our guests, this success would never have happened. So we would like to THANK YOU from the bottom of our heart!

The Fränkle Family and Der Blaue Reiter Hotel Team

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